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        We hope all you lovelies out there are having a fantastic New Year!  We’re enjoying the crazy heatwave and doing as many rain dances as we can.  We are stoked to be in the New Year(already two weeks into it..what…..),  preparing our new office/studio/storefront to be spiffed up and ready for meetings, editing, trunk shows, art nights and just general creative happenings! Fingers crossed that we will have our doors open and be ready to go by the beginning of February! Exciting stuff indeed. In the meantime, we have some images to share from December during our time spent in Southern California catching up with family. We met up with one of our brides Dayna who happened to be in the area visiting family as well (we documented Dayna + Matthias’ wedding back in September in Santa Cruz) and were stoked when she mentioned getting in the ocean in her wedding dress. A ‘surf the dress’ session was what we called it and we captured images of Dayna wave sliding at San O on a sunny December day. All that fabric didn’t seem to bother her as she would hop up, lift her dress so her feet could cross step and go right down the line. It was an awesome session and we loved it so much that we can’t wait for other gals to want to do the same! Okay, so we are into this ‘surf the dress’   idea so much that the next bride to email + book us for portraits like this will get a half off ‘surf the dress’ session. The water may be a bit cooler here in Northern California, but really it’s 80 degrees out so it can’t be that bad….


        Hi I am responding to the wedding dress surf session post. Not sure how long ago you posted it, but I love the idea! Let me know…

        Hi Lyla, we would love to discuss a surf the dress session with you! Please head over to our “connect” page to send us the details and we can discuss photo options!

        That is my awesome daughter out there. Even though I paid for the dress, I couldn’t think of a more creative, imaginative, and special way of using it. I always thought that Dayna would wear my dress for her wedding, but she broke the genetic pool by being taller than I. But, let’s face it ladies. How many of you have looked at your dress since your wedding?

        I love you baby cakes.


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