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        Us in our element.
        We love to camp, surf and have a touch of wanderlust.
        Jeff has crashed a moped or two in search of remote island waves.
        Dori is always looking for a sunny swimming hole.

        We are artists and enjoy making art in every sense. Making music, painting, designing and of course with our cameras (which we have been doing full time for the last 10 years). Being creative is what keeps us going and we bring all of that energy to our sessions + wedding days.

        Our life looks a little like this- we live in the little coastal town of Santa Cruz, CA about an hour south of San Francisco. It’s safe to say that we spend most of our free time in the ocean and mountains. This part of the world is special and we feel so lucky to live sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the massive Redwoods- our two favorite places to play (and shoot photos!). We love surfing and beach hangs with our two pups. Traveling is important but so is having roots, so we try to keep our life balanced in-between the two. We live in a little bungalow by the beach and enjoy being home as much as we love exploring and discovering new places. Jeff loves music and plays the drums. Dori is always poking around thrift stores and riding her bike.

        Our style is candid, but controlled. Spontaneous but thoughtful. We are art directors- setting up locations and light to be beautiful + real. We let you get natural but give you plenty of direction if you need it. We think the feeling an image gives you matters the most.

        US: We like to take pictures of all sorts of things and if you are interested in taking a look at our documentary and non-profit work check it out here. We’ve done projects in Haiti and El Salvador as well as here in our home town. We’ve had the chance to work with some really great brands as well from Freewaters to Tomo Surfboards and our commercial work can be found here. We’re always open to new ideas and collaborating so reach out if you have something in mind!

        YOU: You are in love, getting ready to have the celebration of your life and ready to have fun in the process. You love art + creativity, nature and adventure. You might hike down a trail in your heels for that epic view, the hem of your dress might get a little dirty. You love that your family and friends will be together in one place. You will probably cry happy tears and dance your face off and we really, really like that about you. 

        Here you are in one of life’s most epic moments. You are saying yes and deciding to show up for each other, and we think that’s amazing.

        We’ll be there with you on one of the most important days of your life and we love that about what we do. The most important part of this process is connection. We want to get to know you because that’s how we create our best work. Don’t worry- it’s super common for us to hear that you’ve never been photographed for an entire day before. We make a huge effort to get you comfy in front of the camera and most people find being photographed to be easy and fun!

        Having been married ourselves, we know what it feels like to be in front of the camera for the first time.  It can make you feel nervous, excited and usually brings out the desire to put your best self out there.  Most of our couples come to us feeling a little nervous, but by the end of our time together we’re laughing, throwing high fives around, and sharing inside jokes.  We work to read our subjects, and  we want to honor you when you just need a minute together without shutters going off.  Our job is not only operating our cameras, but reading light, feeling out moments, knowing when to jump on the opportunity, or when to let you rest.  Our images are strongest when we’re all collaborating together!  We work to capture real and authentic photos of you during a really special time in your life and we love to keep the process enjoyable and make sure you’re comfortable.   After all, the best images happen when we’re having fun and not overthinking it!

        A few words

        on working with us

        Is it weird to want to be BFFs with your wedding photographers? Not only are Jeff and Doriana exceptional photographers, they're also the kind of people you just want to hang out with. They are so cool and laid back, they make what can be an awkward process of having your photo taken so fun and easy.

        -Ashley + Daniel, Marin, Ca.

        A few words

        on working with us

        Holy Smokes!!!! So...we're obsessed! They're all amazing. Thank you so much for this! You guys are a crazy talent!

        - Alicia + Kirk, Carmel Valley, Ca.

        A few words

        on working with us

        Dori and Jeff were so much fun to work with at our wedding and the shots they got were next level! They clearly knew what they were doing and were able to scope out some cool locations at our venue. We're just so pleased with how everything turned out!!

        -Julianne + Bastian, Santa Cruz, Ca.