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        Monday is here and we have an awesome Big Sur elopement to share with you today! This couple flew to California all the way from China to elope at Glen Oaks in beautiful Big Sur. It seems like more and more couples are opting for an intimate wedding and we fully support it. There is no right way to do a wedding- ultimately it comes down to what works for you and your family.
        Jeff and I had all sorts of plans for our wedding- a big celebration in Big Sur, maybe a destination wedding. We spent a few days in our favorite place in the world (Big Sur) with our favorite people in the world (our parents and brothers). An intimate ceremony on the beach followed by dinner at the amazingly beautiful Nepenthe. The memories and good feelings from those few days are some that we will never forget and now whenever we visit Big Sur it is that much more special to our story + relationship. A week after our ceremony we threw a big party (more like a festival with food trucks, bluegrass + fun) for all of our friends and extended family in Santa Cruz. It was a perfect blend for us and although that combo wouldn’t work for everyone, it’s how we ended up celebrating combining our lives and families. A celebration we wouldn’t have done any other way! This particular day that we are sharing only involved the bride and groom and their dear friend who acted as officiant and witness to their marriage! It was simple, beautiful and we were so happy to be able to document it!


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