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        This redwood wedding was gorgeous, and rainy and a whole lot of fun. Have you ever wondered what your wedding might look like if it rained- I mean POURED on your ceremony? Okay well it happened to this sweet couple and to be honest- they had a blast and took it all in stride. Their celebration was held in the Santa Cruz mountains deep in a redwood grove and those umbrellas got some serious usage. Kristina and Adam fell in love with The Amphitheater of the Redwoods and had all of their friends + family join them for a weekend of celebration mountain style!

        We got lucky and were able to do a first look and portraits outdoors before the ceremony began, but literally, as soon as the bride came walking down the aisle it started to pour. It didn’t stop this group from having an amazing time and everyone being soaked just added to the feel good, forget about everything and celebrate attitude (exactly in a it’s pouring rain on your wedding day and we’re going to party down). People were loving it and it was seriously special to document this day! We loved collaborating with Mandolin Flowers and The Booth Bus on this event!

        Ooh la la! I LOVE a rainy wedding and a couple that isn’t afraid of it. So lovely!

        Stunning wedding. I love all the colours of the umbrellas 🙂

        Kristina vonnegut

        Best day of my life! Thank you a million times over. Every time I look at these photos it brings back such amazing memories.

        Such an amazing celebration Kristina! We were so happy to be a part of it:)

        What a fun and resilient family! I’m glad they enjoyed their wedding day, even though it wasn’t how they originally planned it. In French we say “rainy wedding, happy marriage”, I bet they will go far together with this good attitude! 🙂

        Love that saying Lisa-Marie! Thanks for sharing!

        those rich forest tones are just incredible! beautiful day!

        Rainy Redwood light is a favorite now! Who knew! Thanks for the support Hanna!

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