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        Okay, okay so it has been awhile since we blogged, turns out the end of the season has been craziness, good craziness but all kinds of busy! But, we are here and we have some awesome images to share with you today that we have been coveting since our trip down to Mexico to photograph the lovely Jillian + Tom’s big day in Cabo San Lucas. It was an amazing celebration and we will have some images to share of their day soon, but first we had to post a few from that time Jillian + Tom got in the pool after their wedding and swam around in front of the camera for us in their full on wedding clothes!  We hauled our SPL water housing down to Mexico and boy was it worth it- a little terrifying to fully submerge the 5d Mark iii but all survived and I’m not going to lie, I efffffing love these pictures. The water provided some pretty dreamy light, soft movement, blue and purple shadows and lots of lovely bokeh (if that’s a new word to you bokeh are those lovely little out of focus points of light in the image below that make us really, really happy).  All in all this was a favorite session and we can’t wait to get in the water and shoot more submerged images. If you are interested in an underwater session get in touch with us- we would love to talk!


        Darlene Caillouette

        Tom’s mom here — You guys did a GREAT job. Cant wait to see the rest.

        Ohhhhh my. I love these so much. Trash the dress sesh next time we’re in Santa Cruz? I bet Teresa would let us jump in her pool… 😀

        This is such an interesting shoot!! What an incredible idea. I love these pics and can’t wait to see more of them in the future. I expect this is going to catch on with a lot of couples. Great job Sun & Life!!

        LOVE these pics

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